Catching Up With Us

The past few months has been eventful to say the least!!

We have had so many adventures as well as celebrating my birthday and changes at work. we have had a lot going on as well as running our business from home so its all been go go go!! So its safe to say I have been a bit preoccupied and may have also gained a few pounds...oppps!!

I have got SOO much to share with you all I am just wondering where to start. so if my posts are a bit higgle de piggley please bare with me....

So I turned 28 in January (yes I haven't posted for THAT long) I absolutely love birthdays especially my own, and once again mother nature blessed us with snow for my birthday!! We spent the entire weekend up in the hills sledging , amazing!! better than any fancy restaurant, or piles of cards and presents .Some things money cant buy - actual family fun time, all together which we don't get very often, in between work and nursery and other life bits  - we even dragged my mum and dad up in the hills on my birthday too - or guilt tripped them into it haha but either way they came and we all loved it !!

We drove about 40 minutes up into the hills to a nearby reservoir , definitely worth it , it was amazing and bear loved it , he is such a dare devil and tries anything safe or not haha.

It was honestly like a different world and looked beautiful - the snow makes everything look nice , white and clean I love it !!

We definitely need to invest in some more winter clothing for Brody like a new snow suit, he had one from being around 14 months, and it fit him until recently (it was huge!) - we obviously had to dress him for the weather so he was walking round like the Michelin man. we loaded him up with 3 pairs of pants, 2 socks , vest ,short sleeve top, long sleeve top, jumper, hoody and coat along with all the hat gloves etc safe to say he was warm enough!! but his snow suit was much more convenient and waterproof, so that will be a new purchase when the weather starts again.

Regardless we had lots of fun and it was so precious to see my boys face happy and smiley making memories :)

If anybody could recommend where is best to get a snowsuit for a small giant  - ideas are more than welcome!! 


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