Mummy, I Did It!!

Now that Brody is creeping up to 3 years old (I'm not emotionally prepared for this in the slightest!!) I thought it was about time that we introduced the potty , he has had a potty ,in fact several potties in the same design, and make but in different colours for over a year - nanny strikes again! - but he showed NO interest in them what so ever.
Most things I had read online, said that its best to wait, until they are telling you that they need to go / have been in there nappy. Brody was no where near this stage and I was getting slightly worried that he would be in nappies until he was 10! When asked if he had been in his nappy ,he would say 'no mummy I don't think so ' even though you could see his nappy was starting to bulge and the poo smell was getting up your nostrils!

When he needed to poo it was so entertaining, he would close his playroom door and hide behind it just open slightly, watching his tv on the sly grunting like a pig haha when asked what was he doing he would say ' nothing mummy , don't look at me!'

So finally he was starting to get embarrassed by his bodily functions but still he wouldn't tell me if and when he had been.

If you have read my previous post how things change, you will have seen how well he got rid of the dreaded dummy , so I thought if he can do that, with so much ease then lets jump into this whole potty training malarkey!!

 I work evenings, so I pretty much have the whole day at home with bear before he goes to nanny and granddads, unless he is in nursery. He wasn't due back to nursery until the 8th of January so we had at least a week to give him the nappy free time he needed - NOT in my living room on the new carpet though!!

Sooo we started on the 2nd of Jan, nappy free time and constantly asking 'Brody do you need a wee yet ' he was starting to get pissed off with me after the first hour, and reply was 'no thanks mummy , I'm good'!

Now I am a total anti-kids-with-technology , well maybe not technology in general but YouTube is the Bain of my life!! I hate that kids just get left sitting with an iPad or phone totally in the YouTube world , mouth wide open soaking up all the crap. I would rather he was sat interacting with me whether that's asking a million questions a day or sat playing with his Thomas trains, so I try my best to keep him away from all of that where possible. Don't get me wrong there have been times when we are out eating, especially whilst we were abroad , when he is tired /bored and he starts the whole screaming /shouting making the LOUDEST train noises in the world (or so it feels like) that with great reluctance and to stop the staring I would just put Thomas on and pow he would be quiet !! Hooray! meal in peace !

I wanted him to get use to just sitting on the potty for a few minutes just to get used to it, and if he did need to go he was in the right place. so whilst I was scrubbing the kitchen I bought his potty in the kitchen with me and started having a chat with him and a little sing song, he is learning SO many songs in nursery at the minute its hard to keep up with him!

10 minutes past and he was starting to get fidgety and then asked 'mummy , me have YouTube please' , of course my initial answer was 'not today baby its broken' ( I use this excuse hourly!)

Then a brain fart!

He would happily sit with the iPad watching Thomas videos for at least half hour if I allowed him to - so bribery time ! (bad mummy I know , boooo )
He was more than happy & willing to sit on the potty and also VERY excited!! so out it came - he must of thought it was Christmas all over again haha

I carried on with my cleaning in and out the kitchen whilst he sat happily on his potty for the next 30 minutes. At one point I sat down with him to ask how he was, he explained that his legs were hurting and tried to stand up but he had been sat there in the same position for so long, he had got pins and needles in his legs. he tried standing up and fell to the floor with his jelly legs (probably like us mums after a few too many drinks!)
After a couple of minutes of looking like a new born giraffe about to take its first steps he came out with 'mummy my legs are missing' haha!! I have never laughed so much! some of the things he comes out with leave me close to tears!!!

He somehow managed to drag himself back on the potty and I reluctantly gave him back the ipad and went upstairs to hang some washing , a few minutes passed and I thought I could hear him banging about downstairs NOOOO Not my carpet!! I got up to go down when he started shouting 'mummy!!! I've done it!!' my first thought was he OH NO! ,has wee'd all over the living room!! its going to be everywhere, the carpet, the sofa, the fire place up the walls you name it , it went through my head.

I could tell from his voice he was mega excited , I got down the stairs to see my boy with THE biggest smile on his face pointing at his potty , 'MUMMY, IVE DONE IT!'

I shit you not (excuse the pun) he had laid THE biggest turd I have ever seen in my life , but YES it was IN his potty and yes I did the proud mum thing and wiped my phone out to take a pic and send it to everyone in my contact list. - everyone does this right?!

A few days passed and he hadn't had a single accident whilst at home, or out and about - nanny and granddads house was a bit different but after a couple of days he got the hang of it ! I set up a reward chart to help him along the way , so every time he did his business he would get rewarded with a sticker and we would do our little happy dance - he loved this and I would definitely recommend doing something similar along side potty training, if your about to brave it out too !!

He did go through a phase for a few days though, saying he didn't want to use the potty, so thought it would be an idea to get him a Thomas the tank potty as kind of a reward for entertaining the whole idea in the first place - I picked it up from Argos for £30 (yes, for a potty!) but when you do your business it sings the Thomas theme tune and makes train noises (with him being obsessed with Thomas, this again worked wonders!), he gets so excited when he hears it , so think it encourages him that little bit more!!  

He is now completely dry during the day, after 2 weeks and very few accidents , even at nursery where he takes himself off to the big boy toilet. We haven't been brave enough for bedtimes yet though, and that could be a complete different ball game , so any advice would be more than appreciated!!

Again this just goes to show how advanced they are even if you don't think they are ready, without being too pushy (that really doesn't work haha) and with a bit of nappy free time and encouragement (and maybe a bit of YouTube bribery!), when they get the hang of it the penny really does drop!!
so proud of our little bear and yet again another milestone to tick off the list <3

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