How Things Change

A LOT has happened over the past 2 weeks , the obvious one is the big man from the North Pole paid us all a visit ( my house could give toys r us a run for its money!) but a lot of milestones and personal goals within our house have changed too .
Even though Brody bear will be 3 in march , he honestly looks , acts and talks like he is nearly 4 maybe 5 . He is a big lad , very tall and very talkative so for him to have a dummy looked really weird , even though he is still and always will be my baby ,we used to get a few funny looks whilst out and about when he had a dummy in . He has never really had like a comfort blanket or a teddy that he stuck with so his dummy was his main comfort . I managed to get him off it during the day and was only used during nap times and bed times , unless he found one lying around the house and would pop it in his gob at any given opportunity .
In the lead up to Christmas we had been asking him what he wanted and the only reply he gave was a Thomas Super Station (if you know then you know!) So we kept saying maybe Santa would bring one if he gave him his dummies for the babies to have for Christmas too! 
Christmas Eve came and we did the usual mince pie for Santa , carrot for the reindeer and a drink for Santa too , we sprinkled 3 bags of reindeer food outside (yes we managed to see quite a few Santa's this year 🙈) and it was time to put our magic key out and our dummy on the plate for Santa too.
Well needless to say, the dummy on the plate lasted a whole 5 minutes , on his way up the stairs he swiped the dummy and ran off upstairs . I looked at his Dad and just shrugged thinking he would give it up when he felt it was time too , I mean he is a clever boy and he knows what he wants and when he wants it and if he didn't feel it was time to give it up then so be it !! Off he went to bed happy as Larry with his dummy in his mouth giggling to himself . 
Then the next day it was like a bloody Christmas miracle happened in our house !! He came down dummy still visible and off he went into the living room , spat the dummy out and started to unwrap his pile of presents , in the meantime super Mummy swooped on in and picked it up and put it to one side . WELL he didn't ask for it back for hours!! With the excitement from the whole day and the fact he got his THOMAS SUPER STATION!!! He wasn't bothered in the slightest.
End of the day was a bit different when he was sleepy and it was time for bed , but when I explained that Santa had took it , he was so excited at the thought that the little babies were now happy with his "dd's" . Bedtime came and I'm not going to lie it was hard, he wasn't happy in the slightest and I was feeling myself about to cave in and give it back to him (I hate listening to him cry if I can do something to stop it!) then all of a sudden he fell asleep


My gorgeous boy had gone the whole day and bedtime without his dummy , even the next morning he didn't ask , nap time he didn't ask either.

The day after I was daring enough to ask him where his dummies had all gone the response I got "don't worry mummy , Santa gave me my super station , the babies have got my dds now"


It just shows how much they do take in and how much they do understand , I know he is clever and I'm constantly being told by everyone including his nursery that he is well advanced, but hearing him say that majorly shocked me and maybe pulled on my heart strings a little - maybe a lot .

So yes we are now a dummy free household - big shout  out to the fat man from the Northpole!!!!

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