A Little About Us

Hey everyone and welcome to my new years resolution !!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while for a number of different reasons, and whilst sat here in work (obviously extremely busy!) I thought WHY NOT!! what have I got to lose

SO here we are …..

I am a busy mum to one small human - I use the term small lightly!! He is extremely tall ,very talkative , very loud and amazingly confident little sausage. He is 2 nearly 3 in March ( how did
that happen so fast !!) He doesn’t look 2 or 3, more towards the 4/5 age and everyone loves to remind me of it to ha ha .

I work part-time for a very well-known telecommunications business as well as also running my own business from home ( actually going quite well :D) . I'm 27 years old and from Manchester since birth. 

I love keeping busy even if I do moan about never having a second to myself (yes I'm one of them!!) I also love pretending to be on a diet CONSTANTLY,  ….did someone mention cake….

Our house is full of chaos, laughter, stress, fun and recently pee (potty training , oh the joys !!) I never thought I would be a Mum – it definitely wasnt at the top of my list of things to do anytime soon and was quite a surprise!! (like 2 months after meeting – oops)  But I can honestly say hands down it is the hardest, but most rewarding job I've ever done and I'm learning that there is no ‘right’ way to parent, we just do the best that we can !!!

IMG_1362 (2)

Brody Bear is an energetic child , who NEVER sits down – hence us struggling with potty training!! He is constantly on the go running up and down , jumping , climbing and getting into mischief! He LOVES making people laugh and is a proper little clown in and out of nursery ,and like and other toddler ( is he even still classed as a toddler?!) has very selective hearing ,unless it involves chocolate , apples or trains .

He has the attention span of the smallest bug in the world – I'm not even joking – but the one thing that does keep him entertained and is the love of his life are trains – any shape , colour or size he is obsessed, you will normally find him bum in the air , cheek stuck to the floor with a train and track in reach making the LOUDEST train noises , his favourite ones like most I guess is Thomas the tank ( I can hear him singing the theme tune in my head as i write this – and yes he knows every single word!! )

I love my life and everything into it and this blog is just a sweet chocolate covered look into our life raising our little bear and I hope you enjoy..............

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